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Schematic Building Plan

Rooms are described in this plan with furniture and people to illustrate how they can be used. Sight lines are indicated – we avoid direct line of sight from entrance into treatment bay. Dashed lines indicate soffits that tie wall shapes together.

Drawing people in the “booths” at the foot of treatment bay chairs helps us  visualize how well these seats will fit in the bay. This arrangement is requested by the orthodontists, who want to accommodate family at the chairs. We suggest seats backed by partial height walls – similar to booths in a restaurant.

Orthodontics Office Building Plan

Diagramatic Building Plan

Orthodontics Office Design Process

Starting with building entrance and treatment bay layout, we draw just enough detail in a building plan to determine dimensions of the perimeter. Apart from entrance and treatment bay, rooms are shown in a diagrammatic way. Bold dashed lines indicate traffic flow.

We use the perimeter to show the building on a site plan. We look at how the entrance relates to parking and streets. Is the entrance visible and convenient? What views are available from the treatment bay?

A next step is to draw a 3D model – showing basic “blocks” of volume that define shape and scale of a building. After adjusting proportions, we add doors and windows, then color and texture of exterior finish materials. When the Owners are satisfied with 3D views, we develop a more detailed plan. Cycling between 2D plans and 3D models allows us to preview real world consequences of our planning.

Proposed Orthodontist Office Lakeville Minnesota