Proposed Orthodontist Office Lakeville Minnesota

Orthodontics Office Design for this project started with the site. Purchase of the site was underway when I was hired. My job was to confirm that an orthodontics office of approximately 5,000 square feet would fit on a site with building and parking area reduced by setbacks, utility easements and a wetland. A ‘tight’ site demands building interior and site to be laid out at the same time. Successful design balances building and parking in a way that appears natural and unforced.

We test plan ideas using 3D modeling software that can produce accurate renderings of how building and site will appear when complete. With help from other software tools, we can analyze energy performance and cost of the building envelope. Owners can make smarter, more sustainable design decisions with such tools. Site plan, interior layout, and 3D model are developed at the same time, cycling between 2D and 3D drawings.