An oral surgery office in a multi-tenant building has requirements beyond those of an office for general dentistry. For example,  both building and site must accommodate separation of entrances for arrival and departure of surgery patients. Drawings shown here assessed feasibility of a particular site for a developer who is an oral surgeon; consequently a mult-tenant building could be designed around the needs of his office.

Which is designed first, building or site? Answer: both – especially for oral surgery office. This question is similar to: “Do you design a dental office from inside out or from outside in?” Same answer: both. You design everything at once, but only in a sketchy way at first. The goal is quickly to get a simple overall picture of building and site. The picture should describe site layout, building interior, and character of the building shell. So what is the first step — visit the site?

A view from the Northeast  corner of this property in Southern Minnesota shows one of the best features — a creatively landscaped storm water retention pond that is not part of the property.  Though a trip to the site revealed the value of this amenity, it was not my first step. Before traveling anywhere, I study a survey and other technical information. Such preparation raises questions that can be answered by a visit, making better use of time. For this project, I sketched alternative layouts for building, parking, and landscape before leaving my office. This allowed me to test and confirm preliminary ideas on site. The alternative below made best use of the pond amenity.

Site Development Sketch
Site Development Sketch

Oral Surgery Office Building and Site Design typically balance building, parking, and landscape requirements enforced by city or county government agencies. In order to get a site plan approved, an architect must comply with zoning ordinances, community development guidelines, and building codes.  The sketch above illustrates compliance. It is complemented by a development summary that answers questions agency officials are likely to ask. After Owner approval, I transmit sketch and summary to appropriate agencies for preliminary review. A formal site plan review process typically follows.

Site Development Summary
Site Development Summary

Building Image: Technical information is complemented by an illustration showing building character. Inserting a 3D computer model of the building into the site photograph offers a preview of one design option.

Building Image
Building Image

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