Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Jon Anderson, DDS

This ten treatment room dental office in Fargo, North Dakota incorporates geothermal heating and cooling. A geothermal well-field is part of the site landscape; heat pumps in an attic mechanical space distribute heated or cooled air to rooms below. The building envelope is insulated beyond code requirements to reduce demand on the heating and cooling system.

Jon Anderson, DDS, selected a site for his new dental office in a rapidly growing area of Fargo, North Dakota. He needed to confirm that a 5000 square foot building with associated parking could fit on the site. There was one important addition to standard requirements for an office site — his geothermal heating and cooling system would require space for a field of approximately twenty wells 150 feet deep.

Site Design began with rough sketches of alternative layouts for parking, building, and well field. The sketch selected for development established the front corner of site and building to be the southeast, facing a primary roadway. Most treatment rooms would face north. Well field and mechanical space within the building would be at the west end of site and building.

Jon Anderson, DDS, Site Plan
Jon Anderson, DDS, Site Plan

Geothermal Well Field and Attic Mechanical

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