General Dentist, Dr. Ken Windschitl, needed to move from his second story office in downtown New Ulm, Minnesota. A recognized name in New Ulm, he could relocate anywhere in town. He found seven possible sites and needed help deciding which would best fit his practice. He wanted an architect with dental office design experience so he hired me.

New Ulm is a river town with a German heritage. Son of a German immigrant farmer, Dr. Ken Windschitl wanted his office to express his own heritage and that of the town. Site selection involved visiting seven properties and sketching schematic plans for the most promising. After reviewing sketches and comparing finalists, Ken selected a site with great visual appeal and one drawback: it appeared too small for what he wanted to build.

Ken negotiated a shared parking arrangement with a neighbor and I shoehorned building, parking, and landscape within the site boundaries. The resulting building occupies a prominent position above a busy intersection and treatment rooms overlook a steep embankment along Cottonwood Creek. The building is a modern interpretation of traditional European lodge architecture.

First Sketch
First Sketch

The design was derived from a travel calendar photo found by Ken and my partner Diane. Ken liked my first sketch, so the design developed quickly. At significant decision points Ken considered design options in light of cost and function — an experienced general contractor provided estimates. Design and construction proceeded in a logical step-by-step manner without second-guessing or backtracking.

Front View
Developed Design Sketch: Front View
Side View
Developed Design Sketch: Side View

Views of New Ulm, Minnesota

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