lj-bldgplan01 11-01-09

Developed Plan


Building Mass Model


noname-lj-bldg 08-31-09Developed Building Plan

Building plan is firmed up with the computer drawing sh0wn above. It is similar in organization to the hand sketch drawn previously. A partial basement is planned for mechanical equipment and storage. The basement is constrained by a variety of code requirements and is drawn only after the main level layout is established.

lj-site sketch_10.13.09

Revised Site Plan

The version of the site plan shown above includes the current building footprint with projecting areas at treatment rooms. This idea originated in the 3D model, then I made the floor plan fit. Site plan, floor plan, and 3D model are developed at the same time. I want to see 3D Form related to interior functional layout at the earliest stage of planning. Next, I need to create a 3D view that includes a future building addition. The Doctor is not demanding an addition, but the site permits expansion and it is prudent to design for it.

noname-bldg 08-31-09

Floor Plan Sketch

The floor plan sketch is based on a drawing provided by Sullivan-Schein, dental equipment supplier for this project.  My development of the plan shows projections at treatment rooms that will become deep window sills for seat cushions or for display. When I have used this idea in the past, sills have been decorated by staff, giving each room a special character. Headwalls viewed from the hallway offer opportunity for decoration or identification of treatment rooms. I try to align hallways with headwalls.

View from Northeast

lj-bldg3D03-ne lj-site sign_08.23.09

View from Southeast

View from Southeast

Site Design Notes

The building is aligned with a busy street along the north property line.  It is angled to get the entrance close to bus and automobile drop-off points. Grade along north and east property lines is roughly even with adjacent streets, sloping down to the west and south. Placing the building near the northwest corner of the site gives it prominence and minimizes imported fill.

A relatively large green island is located in the center of the parking lot; it is shaped to provide planting space for shade trees. The walkway shown in the island will probably not be used, so I will eliminate it in the next sketch. Snow storage areas are indicated. Elaborate planting islands are considered a nusiance by Owners who must plow their lots, so I kept this one as simple as possible.

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