Dental Office Albert Lea Minnesota

Joan Jakubus DDS new dental office – before construction

Joan Jakubus DDS new dental office - before construction

For their gasoline stations across the United States, Phillips 66 in the 1960’s created a upswept acutely pointed canopy to shelter the gasoline pumps. The design, referred to as a “butterfly canopy,” was designed by architect Clarence Reinhardt. Remaining examples of the design are recognized as having historical value referring to 1960’s concepts of modernism. Such examples of the style are recorded in books, magazines, and web sources. (

The example of above was converted to a bait shop, then a coffee shop, and now a dental office for Joan Jakubus DDS. More information on this project can be found on the sidebar under Pages: Jakubus DDS Dental Office.

Dental Office in Northern Minnesota


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treatment room 8





This office for general dentistry is designed for a relatively large site that permits expansion of building and parking in the future. The Owners express a wish to design building and site using sustainable, green ideas where practical. Our response is to focus on energy conservation: preliminary ideas include geothermal heating and cooling, highly insulated envelope, and daylighting. The Owner has approved site and building sketches; next steps are to draw the building interior and add detail to 3D massing of the envelope. Progress on this project is posted on the page Dental Office in Northern Minnesota. Revised site and floor plan drawings have been added. While 3D building design progresses 3D design of treatment rooms is underway.

Orthodontics Office Design


This Orthodontics Office Design is being developed for a site in Lakeville Minnesota. Current software tools for architects allow us to preview appearance as well as aspects of energy performance and cost. Owners can make smarter, more sustainable design decisions with such tools. 3D model, site plan, and interior layout are developed at the same time, cycling between 2D and 3D drawings. Progress on this project is shown on Orthodontics Office pages.

Dental Office with Geothermal System

dscn9200-02Jon Anderson, DDS, selected a site for his new dental office in a rapidly growing area of Fargo, North Dakota. There was one important addition to standard requirements for an office site — space for a field of deep wells to serve a geothermal heating and cooling system. In a region subject to flooding, this neighborhood is on relatively high ground with a drainage canal adjacent. Recent floods in Fargo did not affect Dr. Anderson’s new building.

Dental Office Interior Design

Jenny Ruoho, DDSRelaxation Dentistry. Dr. Ruoho wished to start a new practice in a dental office designed to reflect her professional style — at the lowest possible cost.  My job was to refine her initial layout and establish a firm perimeter using minimal square footage. She was working with a lease negotiator on general terms of the agreement while I worked on the plan of her new office interior.